Welcome to abyFarm @ AMK

abyFarm is a unique smart farm-to-table platform, integrating a fusion of agronomic knowledge and intelligent AI cloud-driven machineries (IOT, sensors, machinery, data) in high-tech self-regulating farming systems to deliver consistent all-year-round high crop yield and enabling food safety and security. abyFarm smart farming system can enable food supply chain ecosystem to attain high yield, high traceability and high sustainability.

Feed more for less

Our emerging technologies are revolutionising the future of agriculture. With little farming land in Singapore, abyFarm came up with a smart solution, without taking up more land space, utilising exisiting HDB (high rise buildings) rooftops and carparks. Transforming a small piece of land to 2 hector worth of produce for our fellow Singaporeans.








Smart farming system and technology

Our Smart Farm System is a state-of-the-art fully integrated system for remote-controlled unmanned greenhouse operations from outdoor sensors to indoor sensors to sense and respond water fertilizer irrigation system and greenhouse automated equipment with the use of remote controlled panel in smartphones.

Outdoor Sensors

Indoor Sensors

Water Fertiliser
Irrigation System

Automated  Control

Remote Management

Data Analytics by agronomists and experts


We play a part in a greener Singapore

abyFarm will be using ESG green score to ensure sustainability throughout the entire eco-system including suppliers, consumers and farm processes, especially in the area of energy, water consumption, packaging of material used and intentional effort to reuse, reduce and recycle as much as possible.

90% Less water

Waste management for recycling of waste

All year round crop harvest

Data analysis for self-improvement & ESG scoring

Use of solar energy

Pesticide free & soil-less


Space efficiency

Recyclable NFT net pots

Smart Farming Processes

Our sustainable farming system

We provide an end-to-end farming solution to ensure high hygiene levels and no pesticide used. We believe in fresh, clean and green crops can be obtained through use of technology.

Step 1.

Plant Seeds

Step 2.

Germination in NFTnet pots

Step 3.

Transport to Greenhouse

Step 4.

Add nutrients & real-time monitor of plant growth

Step 5.

Harvest Produce

Step 6.

Pre-packaging Process

Step 7.

Packaging of vegetables

Step 8.

Delivery of produce


Appreciate our beautiful urban farming landscape to Ang Mo Kio site

Check out how we utilise a carpark space and change them into a beautuiful rooftop abyFarm. These horizontal triangle roofs of greenhouses and 5m space away from HDB block. The greenhouse are beautifully designed ensures this MSCP space for urban farming is not an eye sore to the neighboring HDB blocks. abyFarm greenhouse roofing also uses smart PO silk film that enables adequate sunlight and wind to enter but yet has tenacity to withstand harsh winds and weather. Check out moe of the exciting features at abyfarm below.

Greenhouse Layout Plan

abyFarm layout proposes the use of estimated 188 hydroponic stands (as represented in green in layout plan). Every 3 levels of grow tray will comprise of a light sensor to detect the amount of sunlight the row is capturing. abyFarm greenhouse only allows entry of permitted staff with proper uniform and head gear to enter to ensure high levels of cleanliness and low contamination. .

abyFarm Visitor Experiential Centre

This a new “instagrammable” minimalist iconic space is where visitors can experience urban farming in Ang Mo Kio with abyFarm. Visitors can sign up for an insider virtual/physical farm tour around abyFarm to see our aeroponics towers, hydroponics stand, smart sense-and-respond greenhouse with IOTs at work.


Business Objectives

Empower existing farmers

Enable the young farmers

Extend the supply chain

Engage the community

Enlarge the ecosystem